Monday, 17 May 2010: Celebrate Craft Beer at the Petrol Station

Posted by john | Meetings | Posted on May 17th, 2010

Petrol StationAs a part of their observance of American Craft Beer Week, the Petrol Station is hosting the fine folks from Blanco (that’s pronounced BLANK-o, not blawnko, btw).  Real Ale are scheduled to have their Kraken (wine-barrel-aged Sisyphus barley wine),  Empire (wine-barrel-aged Lost Gold IPA), Devil’s Backbone Belgian-style tripel, and Real Heavy strong Scottish-style ale.

Come out to 985 Wakefield in lovely Garden Oaks (where it’s still 1973) at 8 PM.  The weather should cooperate for outdoor seating, which might turn out to be important, if a lot of folks come out for this very special evening.

And for your drinking pleasure the rest of the week, check out what’s going on around town in terms of other celebrations.

e krakin( wine barrel aged Sisyphus), also empire(wine barrel aged ipa), devils backbone and real heavy

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