Monday, 10 October 2011: Discover Great Beer at The Ginger Man

Posted by john | Meetings | Posted on October 10th, 2011

Today is celebrated by many people, and known by many names: Columbus Day (USA/ EEUU); Día de la Raza (Latin America); Discovery Day (the Bahamas*); Día de la Hispanidad (Spain/España); Fiesta Nacional (Spain again: the day so nice they named it twice?); Día de las Américas (Uruguay/Uruguay, which yes, we know, is in Latin America); Thanksgiving Day (in Canadia/the 51st State); or Indigenous Peoples’ Day (in Bezerkeley and other leftist enclaves). Whatever you’re celebrating, there’s sure to be libations in the form of good beer at  The Ginger Man (5607 Morningside).  See you there at 8 PM.

*The Bahamas apparently doesn’t have a problem with definite articles, unlike touchy Ukraine.  Ukraine doesn’t celebrate anything on the second Monday in October; in fact, there are no public holidays in Ukraine during the fourth quarter.  We think they should have kept the “the” and taken some 4Q time off, like we do in “United States.”

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