Monday, 1 July 2013: Independence Drinks at Liberty Station

Posted by mike | Meetings | Posted on July 1st, 2013

Liberty StationWhen we were but young whelps, studying the classics, we got to know about how things could get lost in translationLibertas in Latin does not mean the same thing to a Roman proconsul as eluetheria means to a Greek citizenFreedom from, freedom for, just another name for nothin’ left to lose, free as in speech vs as in beer: there are lots of ways to think about freedom.  Celebrate the freedom to do so in a lawful, peaceful, assembly at Liberty Station2101 Washington Ave, at 8 PM tonight.  The beer most definitely won’t be free as in beer, but the tap list has great variety for its size, they have a bar full of certifiably-inspired mixed drinks, and if you’re hungry, there’s probably a food truck outside (you are free to brown bag it as well).

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