Monday January 30, 2012: Beer from that City Up North at The Petrol Station

Posted by john | Beer, Meetings | Posted on January 30th, 2012

Most Bitter Bar in AmericaThe Petrol Station has some friends visiting from the Big “D” and is celebrating by tapping a keg of IPA from one of the newest craft breweries in Texas.  We promise this won’t be one of those “oh, I want my two friends who don’t have anything in common except me to meet and be friends” kind of awkward platonic set ups where everybody is uncomfortable and just wants to leave. Come out to sample the new beer, or to take advantage of their ‘pint and a burger‘ Monday night special, or maybe some rosemary feta french fries and a pint.  Or just a pint. See you at 985 Wakefield, in Garden Oaks, at 8 PM.

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