Moon Tower on the Horizon: A(nother) New Brewpub

Posted by mike | Beer | Posted on January 4th, 2012

flickr image courtesy Chiolachic still think it was nuts to close Moon Tower Inn just when the Houston weather was most conducive to outdoor dining.  We could have given them plenty of ideas on how to keep serving up the sausage during the build out.  However, we were pretty excited when we heard about their plans to open a brewery as a part of the new, improved, MTI; even more so when we heard who will be manning the mash tuns. Lushtastic has the details.  Now if they would just be open Monday nights!

Coming Soon: Texas Beer Festival

Posted by mike | Beer | Posted on April 14th, 2011

The Texas Beer Festival is happening in Humble, TX on May 7th.  There are a number of related events (a pub crawl and a number of beer dinners) happening during the week before and the week after the fest itself. Looks like it will be an interesting time to be in Humble and and the greater Houston-Humble-Tomball-Cut-n-Shoot-Clute Metroplex.

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